Make Your business IT SECURE!

In 21st Century digital era information systems (IT) have huge impact on efficiency
of business. But cyber culture is developing faster than cyber security. All IT systems are made by humans and not by angels, we tend to make mistakes. Every IT system is vulnerable and at risk not only because of disloyal employees and competitors but also to pirates of digital era – cybercriminals. ITEKSPERTS provides information security services to help companies of all sizes protect their IT security assets. Learn more how..

IT Security Consultations

Not a single organization starts from the scratch but having their administrative security processes and IT products at place and implemented weeks, months or maybe years ago. But things are changing rapidly. New business processes, new business IT systems, changes of business plans (growth, expansion, merge) or maybe outdated security tools affect organizations so they need to continuously measure current state of all business risks related to IT. That includes close following of global news about new IT security threats and new technologies, long comparison processes of at first glance similar technology vendors with different products and combining with own business processes. It is much efficient to trust professionals to receive fast and quality consultations.

ITEKSPERTS experts can help your organization with following:

  1. Business vulnerability assessment from IT Security perspective
  2. Business and technical requirements preparation
  3. Market analysis, technology comparisons and evaluations
  4. IT Security strategy
  5. Consulting on any question related to IT Security IT Security Audit

Security audits are typically conducted for the purposes of business information security, risk management and regulatory compliance. Security audits measure an information system’s performance against a list of criteria. If performed correctly, a security audit can reveal weaknesses in technologies, practices, employees and other key areas. The process can also help companies save money by finding more efficient ways to protect IT hardware and software and critical business data, as well as by enabling businesses to get a better handle on the application and use of security technologies and processes.

ITEKSPERTS experts can help your organization with following:

  1. Full IT Security audit based on best international practices and standards (such as ISO 2700X, Cobit, PCI DSS and more)
  2. Risk analysis with costs impact
  3. Automation of auditing process using industry unique real-time compliance and risk management technology solutions
  4. Outsourced IT Security audit services


Integrating different elements of an organization’s physical and logical security systems offers a range of benefits. For example – it provides a more comprehensive approach to security that’s less vulnerable to incidents and better able to respond if one occurs. In addition, an integrated system typically provides operating efficiencies. When a company wants to continue using its existing IT infrastructure, while also upgrading and adding on to it, the challenge of integrating proprietary systems often remains. Another challenge is the fact that many IT departments, while critical to the success of any security integration project, already have too many projects on their to-do lists. Thorough and precise specifications need to be drawn up for the integrated system, precise size and scope estimated and project planned.

ITEKSPERTS specializes and can help your organization with following:

  1. Whole project management (from requirements to SLA technical support)
  2. Innovative and traditional IT Security systems integration
  3. Participation in complex IT projects as a security consultant

Technical Support

One of the most critical questions of any IT system is technical support. IT Security systems are in most cases the key business critical systems so require fast reaction time, fast replacement, immediate technical response regarding finding answers to common questions on how to download, install, uninstall, upgrade, update, remove, migrate and so on. That of course include also remote, phone, on-site and email assistance.

ITEKSPERTS and can help your organization with following:

  1. Service Level Agreement technical support
  2. Standard technical support as local representatives of represented technology vendors
  3. On-demand technical assistance

Technology in the network security space has been through many dramatic changes recently. New mobile operating systems, growing use of personal devices, and SaaS (software-as-a-service) delivery make securing the network a growing challenge. Traditional defenses such as Firewall, IPS, NAC alone are fragmented and don’t give full information and protection.

The critical way of helping inform our technologies within an organization is, you can’t just look inside anymore and we can’t just have the basics that are known threats, we really want to have real-time research and threat data coming into our products. This will be information not just about viruses and signatures, but situation awareness, a categorization of the bad stuff that’s happening out on the internet, the bad websites you shouldn’t go to, the phishing sites, the spam sites, the botnet controllers, they’re changing all the time actually.

Information Security Governance is top-of-mind for organizations around the globe today. Defined, Information Security Governance (ISG) is a subset of Corporate Governance dealing with the policies and internal controls related to information resources and their security. It is mostly about international, regional and local compliance policies or state laws & regulations.

Data today is accessed from all sorts of different devices. The days of employees only accessing data through restrictive applications on locked-down desktops are quickly coming to an end (with a few exceptions). These devices have different security characteristics and may use different applications, especially with applications we’ve moved to SaaS providers – who often build custom applications for mobile devices, which offer different functionality than PCs.

Data is the currency of 21st Century. If have data then You can be efficient, operative, successful. If You lose Your critical, confidential data You are out of business. A large amount of enterprise data now transitions between a variety of storage locations, applications, and operating environments. Even data created in a locked-down application may find itself backed up someplace else, replicated to alternative standby environments, or exported for processing by other applications. ITEKSPERTS helps protection of data at rest, data in use and data in motion.

One of today’s most rapidly evolving and widely deployed technologies is server & desktop virtualization. Many organizations are already realizing the cost savings from implementing virtualized servers, and systems administrators love the ease of deployment and management for virtualized system. In addition, many organizations are evolving virtualized infrastructure into private clouds – internal shared services running on virtualized infrastructure.

Security architecture, policies, and processes will need to adapt to work within a cloud infrastructure, as well, and there are many changes that security and operations teams will need to accommodate to ensure assets are protected.